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Lego DIY Sharpeners

Lego DIY Sharpeners

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Lego DIY puzzle sharpener for kids & stress relief 

• All the pieces come in single pack with Instructions and it needs to be resembled

  • A DIY Lego pencil sharpener in the shape of an animal is a fun and creative project for kids.
  • Start by gathering various Lego pieces in colors that match the animal you want to create (e.g. yellow for a lion, silver for a elephant).
  • Build the animal shape using Lego bricks. You will be provided an instruction manual with reference image help with the design.
  • Once the animal shape is complete, insert a small pencil sharpener into a hole in the top of the Lego structure. Make sure the sharpener is securely in place.
  • Use the Lego pencil sharpener by inserting a pencil into the hole in the top of the animal's back and twisting gently to sharpen the pencil.
  • Encourage kids to experiment with different animal shapes and colors, and to add additional Lego elements to make their pencil sharpener even more unique and interesting.
  • This will help kids to develop fine motor skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, while also providing a fun and functional item for their school supplies.


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