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DIY Frozen-Princess Gown Kit for Kids (Set of 2)

DIY Frozen-Princess Gown Kit for Kids (Set of 2)

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Key Features:

  1. Creative Play: Encourage your child's creativity and imagination as they assemble their very own Frozen princess gown.

  2. Easy Assembly: This kit offers a simple and child-friendly assembly process. Kids can easily poke the cloth pieces onto the frame using a bamboo stick, making it accessible even for young children.

  3. No Sewing Required: No need for complicated sewing or sharp needles, ensuring the safety of your child during the crafting process.

  4. Frozen Theme: Delight in the enchanting world of Frozen with a gown that features the iconic colors and designs inspired by Elsa and Anna.

  5. Fine Motor Skills: Improve fine motor skills as kids manipulate the cloth pieces and handle the bamboo stick, fostering dexterity and coordination.

  6. Quality Materials: The kit includes high-quality, pre-cut fabric pieces that are durable and easy to work with.

  7. Customization: Let your child's personality shine as they customize their gown with embellishments and decorations, making it truly their own.

  8. Great for Parties: Ideal for birthday parties, sleepovers, or playdates, where kids can create their own Frozen gowns together.

  9. Display Frame: The frame allows your child to proudly display their masterpiece, turning it into a cherished decoration for their room.

  10. Perfect Gift: Make gift-giving easy with this kit, perfect for any child who loves Frozen and crafting.

  11. Size: 18.8x13.8cm
  12. Set of 2: Random 1 Princess and 1 Frozen Designs !! 


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