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Drive with Dad - Baby Steering Wheels

Drive with Dad - Baby Steering Wheels

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  1. Realistic Driving Experience: The steering wheel have accurate and responsive controls, mimicking the feel of an actual driving experience. 

  2.  Buttons and Switches: In addition to steering, the toy should include various buttons, switches, and controls to simulate different aspects of driving, such as turn signals, horn, and more.

  3. Interactive Sound Effects: Realistic engine sounds enhance the immersive experience, reacting to the movements of the steering wheel and the overall driving scenario. 

  4. Quality Materials: Sturdy construction using durable materials ensures longevity and withstands the rigors of enthusiastic play. 

  5. Compact Design: A compact and easily storable design allows users to conveniently store the steering wheel when not in use.

  6. LED Lights: Integrates LED lights for visual effects, enhancing the overall gaming atmosphere and adding excitement to the play experience.

  7. AA Battery Operation: Powered by easily replaceable AA batteries, ensuring convenience and portability without the need for frequent recharging.

  8. Box Size: 26x18x12cm


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