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Crawling Buddy - Dual-Sided EPE Foam Play Mat

Crawling Buddy - Dual-Sided EPE Foam Play Mat

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Product Description
1. Scientific Thickness Good For Baby Growth The natural LDPE molecules form numerous solid 3D honeycomb structures under high density compression, which is enough to protect raw eggs from falling from a height of 1 meter, so that babies can learn to walk without falling.
2. Shock Absorption
3. Rebound
4. LDPE High Density Compression
5. Safety Toddler Protect Your Baby's Knees
6. Soft and comfortable non-woven fabric wraps the crawling pad, effectively improving the wear resistance of the edges and corners. Meanwhile, the uniform and compact stitching makes the edges more easily fit the ground, preventing warping and binding to the baby and family.
7. Durable and not peeling, active is the nature of the baby, but also the creativity of the baby. The designer added a high pressure matte film on the surface of the crawling pad, wear resistant to peeling.
8. Toddler pad: flexible, impact resistant, learning to walk, not afraid of falling.
9. Impermeable, double-sided PE matte film, impermeable to milk and urine.
10. Good heat insulation, heat insulation in summer, cold in winter, all seasons can be used. 
11. Random Unisex Animal Characters for Kids. 


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