Collection: Unicorn

Unicorns are very trendy Character within kids now a days but Most Kids are unaware of the myths surrounding unicorns. They don't care. All they know is that magnificent, rainbow glittered horses are enchantingly beautiful. According to Alice Fisher of The Guardian, "if you're a kid, unicorns are ubiquitous. If you're a girl they're inescapable." Feminity has long been associated with unicorns as a result of the fact that they bring energy and nurturing to the world as mothers do for their children.  They are seen as symbols of purity and divinity and they remind us of how children come into the world.

Unicorns are also said to be rare and elusive; like children, they are set apart from the cruelty and inhumanity that exists in the "grown-up" world. Like children, unicorns will always remain pure and innocent-they have not fallen prey to the moral failings of a cruel and corrupt society. Unicorns are radiant creatures, beautiful, wild, and as free as a child's imagination. As long as unicorns exist, kids can dream seemingly impossible dreams and attain them too! Simply seeing a unicorn ensures a lifetime of happiness.